Text Based Question Answering

Automatic question answering is a widely studied problem in natural language processing with applications including entity extraction and information retrieval. Most of the existing works in this area tackles a restricted problem of factoid question answering, while others use answer sentence selection. As of now not much work has been done on text-based question answering, where sufficiently long answers are generated corresponding to each question. Continue reading


Transliterated Queries 2 – Deep Learning

This article is a successor to the previous post Simple Markov Model for correcting Transliterated Queries. The key feature of the introduced model are:

  • Can be retrained on a new dataset of well spelled queries in mixed languages such as Hindi-English, English-French, Hindi-Bengali, etc.
  • No need of an annotated dataset, only need well spelled queries.
  • Can be trained on smaller dataset – ~10K queries, giving reasonable performance.
  • A trained model on English corpus is provided, queries are taken from Yahoo webscope – 150K questions. Continue reading